Bringing a Human Touch to Autonomous Vehicles

Phantom Auto offers a teleoperation-as-a-service safety solution for all autonomous vehicles (AVs) that includes an API for real time assistance and guidance, an in-vehicle low latency communication device, and a remote operator service.

Phantom Auto enables a remote human operator to operate an AV when it encounters a scenario which it cannot handle on its own, allowing for optimally safe testing and deployment of these lifesaving vehicles.


The reality, as stated publicly by many in the space, is that AV technology is about 98% of the way there, with the last 2% proving to be a very difficult piece of the puzzle to solve.  With Phantom Auto’s teleoperation safety solution, the technological gap from 98% to 100% can be filled with a human remote operator, thus greatly accelerating the safe testing and deployment of AVs at scale. 


Founded in 2017, Phantom Auto is headquartered in Mountain View, California and has an office in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Key People


Shai Magzimof

Co-Founder / CEO


Shai served as Head of Games at Viber, one of the top messaging apps worldwide with more than 200M MAU, after Viber acquired his company Nextpeer in 2015. Shai was the former CEO and co-founder of Nextpeer - a mobile gaming social platform with over 180M million downloads. Before starting Nextpeer at age 20, Shai started his first company with a childhood friend while participating in Y-Combinator. This company later became Cue and was acquired by Apple.


Elliot Katz

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Legal and Policy


As chair of the autonomous vehicle practices at two of the largest law firms in the world, Elliot advised automakers, global tech companies, ridesharing companies, and municipalities on business, legal, policy, and regulatory issues pertaining to these types of vehicles. 


An advocate who recognizes the important societal benefit of automated vehicles, Elliot regularly speaks at automated vehicle events across the country and throughout the world, and has recently discussed his views with media outlets such as The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, Wired, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Yahoo Finance. The following is an interview Elliot recently did with Forbes regarding automated vehicles: “Autonomous Vehicles: ‘Zero Human Intervention Is Still Several Years Away’”. 


Andrew Gryaznov

Co-Founder / CTO


Andrew is an expert in time-critical network communication and vehicle telemetry. As founder of Vrayo Systems, he built and implemented over 10,000 installations of mobile vehicle telecommunication platforms across Europe. Previously, Andrew founded JSX Exchange, a cloud computing commodity exchange, and Cubic.AI, a personal assistant robot company.  Andrew is also a embedded system engineer and Google Summer of Code 2005 finalist.


Ohad Dvir

Co-Founder / COO


Ohad served as the Project Manager for Military Autonomous Vehicle Division at Israel Aerospace Industry, the leading defense contractor in Israel and a world leader in the development, supply, and operation of unmanned systems (air, ground, and sea).


From the beginning of his professional career, Ohad has worked in the field of ground robotics systems, including wireless communication and remote control systems for autonomous vehicles.  Ohad’s extensive experience spans 15 years - he began his career as a vehicular system engineer, and subsequently worked as a Project Manager, where he was responsible for managing the primary ground robotics projects at IAI.

Jordan Sanders

Director of Business and Operations


Jordan Sanders serves as Director of Business and Operations at Phantom Auto where his responsibilities include business development, executing deployments, strategy, and marketing. Before joining Phantom Auto, Jordan helped automotive companies design and launch new mobility businesses at Ridecell, and he advised public and private sector organizations as part of Deloitte Consulting’s Future of Mobility practice.


Ben Shukman

Software Engineer


Ben is a roboticist and engineer developing remote control operation systems at Phantom.  He holds a BS in Physics and a BA in Art History.