Dynamic remote staffing solutions for logistics

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Built on a powerful core technology platform

Phantom solutions are built on a flexible core technology platform designed to adapt in real-time to variable network conditions in a diverse range of operating environments.

Low latency, interoperability, and best-in-class security and safety features are core principles that enable highly reliable remote operation at scale.

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Drivers can work remotely, too

Solve your labor shortage with end-to-end solutions powered by remote operation

See Phantom in Action

Driving Safety and Productivity with Distanced Driver Training

ConGlobal is rolling out Phantom's technology to remotely train drivers across their depot and container yard network.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Michael-Newcity

    Having worked with Phantom for multiple years, we've seen firsthand how their technology unlocks new use cases for remote work and accelerates the deployment of automation. Phantom's solutions are a game-changer for the entire logistics industry.

    Michael Newcity Chief Innovation Officer of Arcbest & President at Arcbest Technologies

  • Ken Heller Headshot

    We believe the smarter approach to more efficient warehouse operations marries better engineering and systems with the unique capabilities of our most important resource: people. Remote operation enables us to deploy our technology faster and at scale.

    Ken Heller COO of CJ Logistics

  • Brant-Ring

    Remote operation increases our enterprise-wide operational resilience so we can better serve the needs of our customers now and into the future.

    Brant Ring CEO of ConGlobal

  • Kristi-Montgomery

    Think about warriors who have been wounded on battlefield. They cannot sit on a lift truck and drive it in a warehouse, but with Phantom's technology they can.

    Kristi Montgomery VP of Innovation at Kenco Group

  • Bill-Pedriana-Cropped

    As the fastest growing company in industrial trucks worldwide, we’re thrilled about this partnership with Phantom Auto because we believe this collaboration will rapidly re-shape the future of material handling. It’s partnerships like these that can change industries.

    Bill Pedriana CMO Big Joe Forklifts