Self-Driving Cars Have a Secret Weapon: Remote Control

WIRED - Alex Davies

[Phantom Auto] is showing off the type of remote-control capability that every major player in the nascent world of robotic driving will end up relying on...

Phantom Auto Demonstrates First Remote-Controlled Car on Public Roads

IEEE Spectrum - Mark Harris

‘An autonomous vehicle company might have a system that works 95 or even 99 percent of the time, but that last 1 percent is a very difficult piece of the puzzle to solve,’ says Phantom CEO Shai Magzimof. ‘We’re here to do that hardest part.’

Human Control of Self-Driving Cars on Policymakers’ Radar

Bloomberg BNA - Michaela Ross

States ‘want AVs deployed in as safe a manner as possible, and they’re starting to see that remote operation technology is a viable way to fulfill that goal,’ Elliot Katz, co-founder of Phantom Auto, told Bloomberg Law.

Why Self-Driving Cars Will Require a 'God View' Eye in the Sky

PC Mag - Doug Newcomb

In the first demonstration of the technology on public roads, at CES a startup called Phantom Auto showed how a car on the Las Vegas Strip could be remotely controlled by a human operator who was 500 miles away in Mountain View, California.

We Want the U.S. to Lead in Driverless Cars. Here’s What Washington Can Do to Help

U.S. Chamber of Commerce - Jordan Crenshaw & Julie Stitzel 

Some of the U.S. Chamber’s team got a chance to ride in a remotely-driven vehicle down Las Vegas Boulevard powered by Phantom Auto’s software, which enables a backup driver to take the wheel of the vehicle. In this case, our driver sat at a console in Mountain View, CA while we comfortably drove around the Las Vegas Strip. Since this was our first time in this kind of connected vehicle, we were incredibly impressed with the technological leaps connected and smart vehicles have made.

What’s it like to take a ride when the driver is 550 miles away?

Fleet Owner - Neil Abt

[Phantom Auto is] a last line of defense to ensure that driverless vehicles in the future arrive safely to their destinations.

Phantom Auto Plans Remote-Control Centers for Robot Cars

San Francisco Chronicle - Carolyn Said

Teleoperators could be a whole new career, somewhat making up for the millions of driving jobs that robot vehicles could consume.

I rode in a car in Las Vegas that was controlled by a guy in Silicon Valley

MIT Technology Review - Rachel Metz

[Phantom Auto] is building technology to let a remote human driver take over briefly for autonomous vehicles when they get into situations that they can’t handle.

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