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Autonomous Vehicles


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Solving Autonomous Vehicle
Edge Cases, Remotely


Road Construction

Construction zones are often unmapped dynamic environments, with construction workers directing traffic and construction workers and vehicles moving freely about


Public Safety Officials

Police and other public safety officials may use hand signals or voice commands to alter vehicle travel


Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can impair an AVs ability to safely operate


Passenger Support

Surveys show that 75% of Americans are fearful of being a passenger in an AV.  Phantom Auto’s on-demand human support increases trust and consumer confidence

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High Pedestrian & Vehicle Traffic

Areas with large amounts of vehicle or pedestrian traffic can create significant issues for AVs

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No Lane Markings

Areas with no lane markings or faded lane markings can create significant issues for AVs

End-to-end Solution


In-vehicle communication software

A proprietary low latency, high bandwidth solution with dedicated software for remote control and security.


API for real-time assistance and guidance

Secure, straightforward API integration for vehicle commands and reports.


Remote operation service

Highly-trained remote operators.

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